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The Major business adjustments and updates

A lots of work completed ! The DISL ecosystem more and more completed.

Update :
+The Gitian support Windows/Linux/OSX.
+Core wallet v1.3.0 Windows/Linux/OSX released.
+Listed to exchange house Enmanet.
+Official mining pool online.
+Improve IT construction.



The Major business adjustments and updates

Happy new year !

We have made great progress on the project. We got new capital that guarantee DISL keep going in the next 3 years.

Therefore, we must make a big business adjustments for DISL.

What unchanged is we continue to construct the DISL ecosystem with the decentralized manner.

Update :
+New fund. New team. New business.
+Remove all pre-mined.
+Shorten difficult adjust time.
+Upgrade DGW.
+Core wallet v1.2.0 Windows/Linux/OSX released.
+Sentinel v1.0.0 released.
+Improve IT construction.



Startup stage began

The project has entered a new stage. We have new partners and equipment. The development of the application also started smoothly and will start some market activities at this stage.

Update :
+Found new team members.
+Blockchain explorer.
+Deploy HTTPS for upgrading security.
+Adjust website sections.


The first official concept website of DISL was online

The official home page will be the main way to announce important news in the future that make the community can understand the important progress of the project.

Please notice the project is on very early stage(pre-seed) now. Although funders are senior programmers, ecosystem must develop step by step.

Maybe will go on next stage on Oct., startup.

Update :
+Marketing research.
+Found the first investor.
+Buy Domain Name.
+Core wallet 1.0.0 Windows/Linux release.
+Core wallet 1.0.0 OSX release.
+Pre-Marketing announce, find mining pool.
+Soliciting LOGO design.
+Official concept web site first time online.